Dr. Dwaun Warmack is experienced in higher education and is currently serving as the 9th President of Claflin University. Prior to that, he served as the president at Harris-Stowe State University. After assuming the role in 2014, Dr. Warmack has lead the HSSU institution through numerous ground-breaking changes: under his leadership, enrollment in the university has seen a jump of more than 900% while student enrollment has seen its own jump of 34%. To accompany that growing student body is a growing number of offerings — academic degree programs have grown from 14 to 51 majors, minors, and certificate programs, including fully-online degree programs in Criminal Justice and Health Care Management.

Dr. Warmack has also overseen the implementation of the first Honors College to recognize students who have distinguished themselves academically. Under his leadership, HSSU was selected as one of only 44 institutions in the country for the AASCU and Bill and Melinda Gates Reimagine the First Year Project.

Dwaun Warmack earned his Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Education from Delta State University. He then earned his Doctor of Education from Union University, specializing in Higher Education. Since earning his terminal degree, Dr. Warmack has completed post-doctoral work in Educational Leadership through Harvard University. In the upcoming year, he’s leading a research study to travel through the United States, Germany, and Ireland studying the mass incarceration rates of black males throughout these areas.

This work is inspired not only by the very personal impact of mass incarceration has on his family, but by the many injustices of mass incarceration. Dwaun Warmack’s research has deeply personal roots as his father was imprisoned for ten years, his brother is currently incarcerated, and another brother was recently released from prison after serving () years incarcerated, being cleared of false murder charges. His weapon of choice in this battle? Education. By furthering his education on the various methods to prevent crime as well as rehabilitate offenders, Dr. Warmack believes he can enact change in society as well as the prison system to bring about a safer and overall quality of life.

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